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Baby's First Year Program

For that new little person in your life, we are pleased to offer:

Baby's First Year

This is a collection of 12 books, perfectly selected for new little readers. With a mix of old favourites, new classics and developmentally appropriate choices, we've created a hassle-free gift program of 12 books; one for each month of baby's first year.

12 perfect books for baby...beautifully wrapped!

Baby's First Year is available as a gift basket or as a monthly gift to be picked up for only $135 (plus tax). Alternatively, it can be sent as a special monthly delivery to far-away friends (with an additional fee for shipping and handling). ***NOTE*** Please allow 24 hours notice to prepare a beautiful basket for you!
1st Month: Goodnight Moon
2nd Month: The I Love You Book
3rd Month: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
4th Month: Sing a Song of Mother Goose
5th Month: Hippos Go Berserk
6th Month: My First Taggies Book: Who Do You See?
7th Month: All About Me!
8th Month: Peek-a-Who?
9th Month: Time for Bed
10th Month: Where Is the Green Sheep?
11th Month: Where's Spot?
12th Month: One Yellow Lion
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