Science Books for Boys and Girls

You may have heard an interview with Woozles’ Co-Manager, Lisa Doucet, on CBC’s Main Street on Friday February 14, 2014. Main Street’s host, Stephanie Domet, came to Woozles to talk about children’s science and math books. Lisa was asked to speak to the variety of books available for children of all ages.

Some of the books that Lisa highlighted are as follows:

basherBasher Science Books
This series of books about science speaks to children through a different quirky character in each book. The series covers biology, chemistry, physics, rocks and minerals, astronomy, math, punctuation and grammar, the periodic table and more.
Ages 8-10 and up $8.99+
Check out the list of available titles at

tabletopTabletop Scientist Series
With book titles about water, sound, air, and light, this series presents a series of projects that young scientists (ages 10+) can do themselves at home. The books include photos and drawings to illustrate and explain the experiments and scientific principles involved.
Ages 10+ $9.50 each

ngatlasNational Geographic Books for Kids
This series is just what you would expect from National Geographic: great photos, interesting tales and reference material about plants and animals, and different places on planet Earth. From beginning readers to 12 year olds, these books inform and entertain.

eyewitnessEyewitness Books by Dorling Kindersley
This is an extensive series of visually appealing books that provide many little snippets of information on the given topic, to inspire further interest and reading on the subject.
Ages 5+ $19.99+

beeThe Hive Detectives: Chronicles of a Honey Bee Catastrophe by Loree Griffin Burns
This book is about honey bees and colony collapse disorder. It is part of a book series entitled “Scientists in the Field”, books that get into detail about a specific subject.
Ages 10+ $10.99 in paperback

bonesBones Never Lie: How Forensics Helps Solve History’s Mysteries by Elizabeth MacLeod
This book looks at six historical deaths, including that of Napoleon Bonaparte and King Tut, and uses forensic evidence to formulate theories on the causes of death in each case. Then the truth is revealed in each case, showing how science helped to solve the cases.
Ages 10+ $14.95 in paperback

Readers can also to turn to fiction stories for scientific inspiration. Books such as George’s Secret Key to the Universe and its sequels George and the Cosmic Treasure Hunt and George and the Big Bang, all include fact pages and pictures of planets and astronomical points of interest by Lucy and Stephen Hawking.
Ages 8-12 $12.99 each

Nick and Tesla are a brother and sister duo that are the lead characters in a series of mysteries with various gadgets that they build themselves: electromagnets, burglar alarms and robots. Ask us about Nick and Tesla’s High-Voltage Danger Lab and Nick and Tesla’s Robot Army Rampage.
Ages 8-12 $13.95 each

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