Woozles staff picks for March 2014

We here at Woozles could pick a favourite book from our shelves at least once a day. Here are the ones that we would like to tell you about this month:

Suzy’s pick:
henkesLittle White Rabbit By Kevin Henkes

Little White Rabbit wonders about the world. He wonders about what it would be like to be a tree. He muses about how the butterflies feel. He thinks about how still rocks can be. But at the end of the day, after all of his curious imaginings, he is certain about one thing. Little White Rabbit is entirely sure he is loved.
Perfect for Spring and nicely timed for Easter, the illustrations within are mostly green, creating a bit of an eye spy element to the book. It is a simple story with just the right amount of text per page for those little people in your life and delivers the sweetest of messages.
Ages 0-2 $9.75 in boardboook

Ann Marie’s pick:
wunderThe Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder
This book follows seventeen year old Cam, who has cancer, as she and her family move from Florida to Promise, Maine, a town known for its miracles. At first Cam is skeptical, even when confronted with small miracles such as sunsets that last for hours and purple dandelions. She slowly learns to love the town and build a life for herself there. This book is hilarious, and Cam is a strong, wry character who is a joy to read about. I didn’t want this book to end!
Ages 14+ $9.99 in paperback

Mollie’s pick:
saharaDeep in the Sahara by Kelly Cunnane, illustrated by Hoda Hadadi
Deep in the Sahara, in the West African country of Mauritania, Lalla watches the women in her family shrouded in their colourful malafas and longs to be like them: beautiful, mysterious, fine ladies, queens from ancient times gone by…. But she soon learns that a malafa is more than just these things.
A beautiful story about a young girl’s hurry to grow up and the ways in which maturity comes naturally by watching, thinking, and questioning. Illustrated by Iranian artist Hoda Hadadi, rich and colourful images beautifully accompany this lovely story.
Ages 5-9 $19.99 in hardcover

Nadine’s pick:
Scare Scape by Sam Fisherscare
Morton is moving to a new town with his brother, James, sister, Melissa, and their Dad. His Dad is an astronomer and the town they are moving to is a dark zone so that you can better see the stars at night. The house they are moving to is old and run down, abandoned under mysterious circumstances some time ago. Morton brings with him his thousands of copies of his favourite comic book “Scare Scape’. One night, after finding a strange gargoyle-like statue buried in the deep grass of the front lawn, Morton, James, and Melissa make some secret wishes upon the broken finger of the statue. From then on, the creatures from the Scare Scape comic books become all too real, and Morton, James and Melissa find themselves on the front lines of defense in outwitting and containing the strange goings on at their house.
A witty, warm, and adventurous tale. Great as a family read aloud.
Ages 10+ $18.99 in hardcover

Katherine’s pick:
Dogs Don’t Do Ballet by Anna Kemp illustrated by Sara Ogilvie

Everyone knows that dogs don’t dance. Everyone that is but Biff, the chubby little pooch who fancies himself a prima ballerina. When Biff follows his family to a performance of the Royal Ballet, hilarity and mayhem ensue! This clever picture book engages young readers as they search for Biff on the page as he secretly follows his owners.
Ages 4-8 $7.99

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