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About Us
Woozles first opened its doors, at 1533 Birmingham Street, on a cloudy, overcast Saturday - October 14, 1978. The response of the Halifax community was overwhelming and the owners recall they had 600 customers the first day!

Woozles is located in what was originally built and occupied as a private home. The initial store space of 600 square feet occupied the drawing room and the dining room (the mantelpieces are still evident) of the old house.

Since opening in 1978, Woozles has kept the same address but has undergone two expansions. The first expansion extended the store backwards and added another 400 square feet. The last expansion occurred when Woozles bought the building next door and created an opening between the two buildings inside which added another 500 square feet.

Woozles was founded by Ann Connor Brimer and Liz and Brian Crocker. As well, Woozles was blessed with hiring Trudy Carey as Manager. She started before Woozles opened its doors and she stayed with us for 30 years!

Ann, Liz, Brian and Trudy all had experience in teaching and working with young children and, therefore, shared the vision that Woozles be more than a store...that it be, as its byline says, "a place for and about children". With this vision, Woozles has offered workshops and served as a significant community resource for sharing information about children and supporting activities to enhance reading and family life.

Woozles issued its first newsletter (handwritten and run off on a gestetner machine) within the first month and offered its first workshops within 6 weeks of opening. Over the years, it is estimated that Woozles has provided over 1000 workshops ranging from music and movement for preschoolers and photography for teenagers to how to stay sane and have fun with toddlers and how to make life-size puppets for adults.

Over the years, Woozles has tried a number of other initiatives such as 'Woozles on Wheels'(taking books and workshops to outlying communities), 'Woozles in a Suitcase' (our attempt at a Tupperware style of presenting products in rural communities), 'Woozles Birthday Parties' (having a Victorian Tea Party or a Space Party at the store with relevant games, costumes and treats), and a 'Woozles Bookclub' (like Scholastic's one in schools) and 'Battle of the Books'.

'Battle of the Books' is now in its 34rd year. It is a program in which teams from different elementary and junior high schools test each other's wits about the content and authors of books from set reading lists. This program has stimulated children's reading beyond their natural selections and has provided recognition in schools for students who are enthusiastic readers (a nice alternative to all attention being directed to those who excel in sports). Since Battle of the Books was launched in the mid 80's, it is estimated that it has touched almost 2000 readers (not to mention their teachers and parents) and featured over 3000 excellent books.

In the last 9 years, Woozles has added two very popular initiatives to their efforts.  The Woozles Writes! Writing Competition was launched in 2010, encouraging children to write and submit their own stories to be judged by a panel of local, published authors.  They also started hosting a free storytime for children in the beautiful Halifax Public Gardens every summer, every Tuesday from May to September.

Woozles is now in its 41st year. It is still in the same location (albeit bigger than when it opened) and still committed to the vision of being 'more than a store', being 'a place for and about children'. Liz Crocker is still the store owner; sadly Ann Connor Brimer died, much too young, in 1988, and Brian Crocker passed away in 2014. Trudy Carey is enjoying retirement after 30 years and her shoes have been ably filled by Suzy MacLean as the store Manager and Lisa Doucet as Co-Manager.

Over the years, we have graduated from not even having a cash register for the first eight years to now being fully computerized and able to research and fulfill customers' orders all over the world. And, at age 41 and counting, we know we are the oldest children's bookstore in Canada.

Woozles has been thrilled to receive industry recognition over the years from the Canadian Booksellers Association, once being selected as 'Bookseller of the Year' and twice being selected as 'Specialty Bookseller of the Year', the most recent time being in 2010. Woozles also was awarded the Silver Recognition Award from the Halifax Chamber of Commerce in 2009, and won Gold in both 2017 and 2018 in The Coast's Best of Halifax Readers' Choice Awards in the category of Best Independent Bookseller.

While these awards are very special, they don't even come close to the delight and pride felt when customers come into the store with young children and tell us that they came to Woozles when they were babies themselves and that it has always been a special place for them.